Oleksandr Krasovskyi is EU-based designer with the multi-disciplinary approach, creates websites & graphics. EU-based
digital designer

Creativity has been an integral part of my life. Since 2010 I've started working in design industry. Having worked in graphic, product, ux, ui, motion and website design I have acquired a good understanding of creation processes in different fields.

Within close cooperation with developers I have good understanding of different tech stacks. This helps me in the design process, where I can drive my imagination with tech possibilities and goals.

As a dedicated and organised individual, I have an active and dynamic approach to achieving the best results in my work. I have a strong knowledge in design and digital product. I am driven by the idea to show product in a simple, however unique and always rationale way.

Working together with the company and taking into consideration the core idea of the brand helps to receive greater value. I am often recognised for my commitment and style by leading companies.